Joseph Rzycki and Stella ???

Joseph Rzycki (1918-1995) is the younger brother to my grandfather, Edward Rzycki.  The information I have in his profile just lists him as married to someone named Stella, with no other information.  Through a quick google search for his father, also a Joseph Rzycki, I came across the following posting on a rootsweb message board:

This lists a Joseph Rzycki as filing for a marriage certificate to a Stella Krajewski in April of 1942.  Chances are high that it is him, so I filled in Stella’s last name, and put their marriage as possibly in 1942.

Why possibly?  Well, just because they got the marriage certificate in April of 1942 doesn’t guarantee that they got married at that point.  Until I see something a little more concrete, I’m leaving the date a question mark, with the link mentioned above.  It will go on my long term todo list to figure out.

Hello world!

Welcome to this site.  The ultimate goal of this space is to create a page where I can document the work I’m doing researching my family’s history.  I’m not completely sure what that will look like yet, but my hope is to include biographies, photos, maps, etc., of the various family members I can come across.

At the moment there is nothing here.  Sorry…  It will probably take a while to get everything up and running, as both the genealogical work and this site itself are hobbies in my free time.  So if you have stumbled upon this site, please be patient.