The ultimate goal of this space is to create a page where I can write about and share my family’s history, while also documenting the work I’m doing researching that history. I’m not completely sure what that will look like yet, but my hope is to one day include biographies, photos, maps, etc., of the various family members I can come across.

My intent is to eventually keep a blog detailing new finds and documenting the work I put into researching the family. This may be of no interest to anyone but myself, but I think having a record of my work may come in handy in the future.  I will probably wait to make this section live, though, until I have time to actively update it.

Though the site is named, I plan to include information on both sides of my family: the Wezner family (and their ancestors) and the Rzycki family (and their ancestors).

At the moment there isn’t very much here. Sorry… It will probably take a long time to get this happening (if ever), as both the genealogical work and the website design work are hobbies in my free time. So if you have stumbled upon this site, please be patient.


My family research includes the following surnames:

  • Wezner
    • Owiesny
    • Gniewek
    • Stopa
    • Baranowski
  • Rzycki
    • Fijal
    • Gryniewicz
    • Dembroski



Last updated: October 9, 2012

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